Monday, March 4, 2013

Update & Where To Follow Me!

Happy Monday, guys! Where'd the weekend go? It's always here one second and gone the next! I got some shopping done with my mom and sister on Saturday. It was so funny because everything I touched was either teal, turquoise, or a mint color! It was a few fashion pieces and these really fantastic pair of shoes from Enzo Angiolini that were so cheap and just encompassed all things mermaid! If you guys would like I could do a haul post/film a haul video if you want to see! Yesterday I spent the day with my dad watching Quentin Tarantino movies and off to a somewhat awkward family birthday (not a family member of mine! LOL). This weekend I also got to see Rico Suave (my nickname for my boyfriend!) for the first time in weeks since he's been busy working on a movie. It was really great to see him and snuggle with something other than my sock monkey, haha! 

Also, something happened this weekend that inspired the second part of this post "Where to follow me!" Any of you who follow me on twitter know that I use that to share beauty/blog information as well as just personal tweets of mine, which was working out great until right after the chat. I shared my link, as we all do, and moments later got this tweet saying how someone was not only 10 seconds into my favorites video and already wanted to off themselves. Now you're probably wondering what awful blogger could have tweeted this at me, but the thing is, it wasn't a blogger. It's someone I know in real life who is constantly bothered by my blogger tweets. Personally I couldn't give a damn but it got me thinking that maybe this blog needs its own twitter. I now see why it's sometimes better to keep your blog to just people who can understand it or at least respect it.

Where you can follow me:
*click the social network name to go to it!*
  • Twitter | You guys can now follow me on @themodmermaid. If you follow me on my personal twitter now (@jkruuu), feel free to still follow but anything to do with this blog will now be placed on the new twitter rather than my personal one! 
  • Facebook | Like The Mod Mermaid Facebook page to keep up to date, as well! I post random beauty videos I find quite hilarious and just random things, as well as all my posts and videos!
  • YouTube | I post videos every Friday! They're filled with beauty, fun, and squeaky voices!
  • Instagram | Instagram is staying the same; the username is jkruuu Follow if you'd like!
  • Tumblr | Quite random but if you guys have tumblr's feel free to follow me on there! I post an eclectic bunch of images (mostly reblog, haha!) 'tis very "hipster", but you get a random McDonalds nest of chicken nuggets and fries post, hah!
So much social media! It's quite strange to think there's a lot more than that, but those are the only one's I'm on as of now. Feel free to follow, like, and subscribe on either of them! With the new twitter I'll feel more comfortable sharing my posts when they go up, as well as, my YouTube videos as those are the one thing I feel mucho uncomfortable sharing with my public circle!

Have great day and let me know if you'd like to see a haul later this week! 


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe someone said that you that you know personally D: So upsetting, but I'm glad to see you handled the situation positively and proactively!


  2. First of all, WHOA. I can't believe someone would say that to you! I assumed you just wanted to keep the two worlds seperate, (which is why have 2 twitters and 2 instagrams) but someone saying that to you is toooottally uncalled for. The reason I have two of most social medias isn't because I don't want my blogger friends to see my personal pages, but because I don't want my friends on my 'real' life to see my blogger pages. Most of them don't know, and some people are it's easier that way :)



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