Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Day "You" Challenge | Four Books

I'm back from 2nd day of school with a whole lot of books and a brand new notebook *sniffs Nothing beats the smell of a new notebook ... besides my lovely Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle. I sort of giggled after reading the comments on yesterday's post because it seemed like you guys are really intrigued right now and I am so happy to be sharing the sweet smelly love! Today is Day numero siete (I'm taking Spanish this semester, haha) and I bring to you four of my favorite books/the ones I will never tire of reading. Vamos a la ... libro! (Let's got to the ... book. Oh lawwwwd.)

✎...#1 // Harry Potter
The series that I will forever want to read again and again. This was one of those books where I didn't care if there was a love story in it. I just loved the adventure and friendship! I think I'll be making my kids read this one day :)

✎...#2 // The Maze Runner
I feel like this whole series gets over looked because everyone so closely connects it to The Hunger Games. Which, if I'm honest, the two are not alike in anyway. It's not like if you've read The Hunger Games, you've read this book. The Maze Runner is thrilling, and insanely more suspenseful than The Hunger Games. Not hating on it because I do love the book, but as a whole series I feel The Maze Runner is better written from the first book to the last. I couldn't put this down and I loved it so much I never returned it to my high school library, shhh!

✎...#3 // A Farewell to Arms
This book is one of those books they give you in class to read and you dread it. Mihai actually told me to read this and said I would really like it because the characters reminded him of us (which was kind of true, but not always!) Mr. Hemingway described every little things in his story (sometimes a bit much) and it just painted this beautiful picture. The story was really touching and heartbreaking. Had I read it at night before bed I would have sobbed.

✎...#4 // Caribbean Cruising
Hahahaha. Ahahaha. Okay so this book holds a very near and dear place in my heart. If I read it now I'd say it was complete rubbish but still an adorable story. This was the first young adult book I remember reading when I was like 10 or 11. I was so proud at how big it was and it was a mushy love story (that would make a great RomCom). I've read this book about five times and because of this book (for some odd reason) I began to love to read.

Zer you have eet! Think of this as my favorite books and recommendations for books I think you guys should check out (well except the last one if you're over the age of 20) actually never mind check it out if you're bored! ;) I shall see you all for Day Number 3 tomorrow! I have some awesome movies to share with you guys :D

What are some of your top 4 books at the moment? I'd love to have some more reads :)


  1. wow i love this challenge! oh dear but i dont know if i can do so much in ten days. the books on its own would take so much time!

    1. If you ever have a free day you can just do them all at once and then queue 'em up! It's a lot of fun :)

  2. I really want to check out The Maze Runner now, I absolutely loved the Hunger Game.
    Depending on what genre of books you're willing to try, if you ever read lord of the rings and liked that, why not try 'Games of Thrones' Most people know it from the TV series but the books are AMAZING (a little complicated with sheer amount of characters but still great)
    & The Sookie Stackhouse novels (most know as true blood on TV) those books are seriously cool :)



    1. If you liked The Hunger Games then yes, definitely get The Maze Runner. I've heard of the TV show but I never knew it was a book! May have to check it out now. Thanks! :)

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  4. Love! I have a golden snitch tattoo ^_^ Also, your blog is so cute!

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    1. NO YOU DON'T! That's fantastic! I've always wanted the deathly hallows tattoo on my finger or the back of my neck :) Thank you very much! xx

  5. Oo, I really want to read The Maze Runner and had actually completely forgot about it so thanks for reminding me!x


  6. Hehe, you just can not beat the Harry Potter series! :) xxx

    1. You honestly cannot. I think I'll read it even when I'm 75 :D xx


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