Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Day "You" Challenge | Three Films

I should most definitely be doing the reading for my Psychopathology class instead of painting my nails, helping my mom play Family Feud on her phone, and typing this up. I'm still not used to the fact that school is in session and that I actually have homework! Alright, I promise I'll start reading right after this. Day number three of the 10 Day YOU Challenge and I bring you three of my favorite films to watch! I'm usually that person who can't name their favorite movie when asked so I'm glad I was able to name three for you today :)
#1 // Reservoir Dogs
This. Movie. Is. Just. UGH. I love it so much. Go on Netflix and just watch it. It is one of the best movies I've ever watched. You don't expect anything to happen. It's so amazingly written and acted and directed and ... oh goodness, Quentin Tarantino ... you're doing it right. If you like movies like Inglorious Bastards and Pulp Fiction, you'll love this.

#2 // Mean Girls
It's a classic. I feel weird calling a movie like this a classic but it is! It's hilariously funny and I'm pretty sure you all have seen it. If you haven't I would say that you are missing out on a million jokes and laughs.

#3 // Burn After Reading
I've watched this movie very recently. Brad Pitt is in this movie, along with George Clooney and how can you go wrong with the both of them in a movie? It's so, so, so (I'm sorry I can't think of other assisting adjective thingamobs) funny. I don't know what it is about this movie. It's sort of got that same Reservoir Dogs feel but it's hilarious.

As you can see I am no movie critic. I think a movie critic will wonder why I didn't change this topic to something else! The three movies I picked though are my favorites at the moment. I may not be able to adequately explain why but at least you know what they are!


  1. mean girls is really an epic chic flick. it's like queen chic flick! :D anyway i havent seen those other two. wow i need to catch up with my movies!

  2. Inglorious basterds & burn after reading are EPIC both hilarious. Apart from Brad pitts exit in Burn... that was ermm, unexpected.

    & of course Mean Girls is definetly a classic.. Nice wig Janice whats it made of? YOUR MOMS CHEST HAIR!
    :) great movie choices

    1. I LOVE that you have seen Burn After Reading. Yeah, what was that?! I was waiting for someone to point out that it had been a dream ...
      Hahahah, thank you! xx :D

  3. I love Family Feud :) such a fun game. Mean Girls is such a quotable film, and so hilarious. I still laugh every single time when Damien and Janice are watching the scary film and she bursts into the door and scares them, so funny!x

    1. Hahaha, that's my absolute favorite part too! It will never get old. That scene especially and also when she walks out of the house in that costume and the guy flies of the rail, terrified! :D

    2. Ah yes! The part when he falls off makes me nearly pee myself too! I think I need to get a new dvd. I've watched it that many times it's started to jump!


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