Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alaska, Pictures & Highlights, OH MY!

Hello there lovelies! How has your transition between July to August been? I frankly cannot believe it's already August. I am not ready to go back to school. NOOOO! Other than that, I'm so happy to have come back from Alaska to read all your amazing posts! Seriously, none of you are making this 100 No Buy Challenge super easy! I've been back since Monday morning (really early morning). I also got a really bad cold on my holiday (wonderful, no?) so I took a small little break before I got back into the swing of things! As to not clutter you all with post after post of my holiday I thought I would just edit each day in to a set of six pictures and give you one or two highlights of that day. That way it's one big post you can choose to look at or not! You don't have to read or look at these pictures if it does not interest you and I will try to have another beauty post up super soon! Hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I'm really happy with the feedback on the posts I left whilst away! I will be replying to them tomorrow afternoon at work! So, on to the pictures!
  • My sister's passport expired and no one had caught it until we flew 6 hours to Seattle, waited on a two hour line to board the ship and then just before we got our key cars someone had caught it. We were calling about half my family in New York to get into our home anyway they could and find her birth certificate. Luckily my dad was around and everything was sorted!

  • We were at Sea for a whole day before our first port so we explored the entire ship (still got lost on the 7th day though. It was huuuge!) 
  • Played Deal or No Deal and was two numbers away from being chosen to play for actual money! 

  • Juneau was cold (DUH!) There were a lot of shops to browse around in and I loved the small town feel of it!
  • I got a sore throat and so began my gradually sickness. But we discovered a real cute coffee shop so that was fun!
  • Also discovered the company Del Sol. Everything in that store changes color in the sun! It actually works, so crazy! Check it out if you ever get the chance!

  • We went dog sledding on top of a mountain glacier! My mom, sister, and I got to lead the dogs it was so scary! 
  • I flew in a helicopter for the first time! Loved it, but I got an ear infection somehow from all the quick pressure changes, hooray!
  • The Alaskan huskies in the bottom picture were named Kanga & Roo! My sister and I fell in love with them!! So fun!

  • Glacier Bay was beautiful and sort of sad considering that the part we were sailing in used to be completely covered in ice. We saw parts of the glacier crack and fall which was LOUD.
  • I ate at my first french restaurant! I think there was a form of duck in each of my meals. Duck might just be better than chicken! Delicious!

  • Ketchikan was a rainy town. The shops were the same as the ones we saw in Juneau and Skagway so were just blindly walking around. 
  • I was sick and tired and trying to just make it one block. We found a cute little shop that was outdoors called 'Good Coffee' and they had a drink called the London Fog. I being a sucker for names was really curious to try it and it ended up being just was I needed! Earl Grey tea, cream, and a dash of Vanilla! If I find a similar recipe I'll be sure to put it up as it was perfect for a cold, chilly day!
  • I had BLUE popcorn. BLUE! It was so bizarre!
  • Also, I had a little bubbly with my mom. Peach Bellini. If you have not had one, you must!

  • Took a bus tour around Victoria, B.C. which is in Canada. The houses were all so lovely as well as the buildings! The Empress Hotel was just ... no words, it was that beautiful!
  • My sister and I spent the night goofing off and snapping silly pictures in the lounge before bed!

  • Our boat docked, our bags checked in and the trip coming to a close we decided to tour Seattle while we had the chance! We went up the Space Needle. The view is incredible and the elevator ride is scary fast!
  • The Pike Place Market is beautiful! I'd love to be able to shop there for groceries if I lived around there. Bought some delicious hot sauce but it got taken away by the TSA. BOOOOO!
  • Went into the first ever Starbucks store! Bought an exclusive designed gift card from them to start getting Starbucks Rewards! The line was crazy long but somehow my drink tasted 10z better coming from there!
If you made it through all that congratulations and thank you for reading! I don't know how to create a 'read more' tab so I'm sorry for the lengthy post. I had an amazing holiday and am really sad that it's over. Hope you all have an amazing week and I look forward to getting back to my regular beauty posts :)


  1. This looks so fun! I love looking at holiday photos, wish I was there!x

  2. Looks like an amazing time! x
    Ps. I'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY right now on my blog for a gorgeous pair of Galaxy Print Leggings by Rags For Bitches!

    1. It was :) Awesome, I'll check it out right now!

  3. You went to Victoria! I live a couple hours from there :)

    1. It's so beautiful! I have a question though. Is it Victoria, B.C. or Victoria, Canada, or Victoria, B.C., Canada? I was so lost as to where we were exactly haha!

    2. Victoria, BC. It's like saying Portland, Oregon. Victoria is the city and BC is the province. You can add the country at the end if you want to :) I don't since I live in Canada :)

    3. Oh! and to make a 'read more' thingy... when you are making the post, click the button that has a page that is broken in half. (When you hover it should say "Insert Jump Break") Place it where you want it.

    4. Oh okay! The tour guide would switch back and forth between three different city names so my head was spinning! Thanks for clearing that up :) & Oh my gosh, I feel so silly! Thank you so much for letting me know! :D xx

  4. It looks like you had loads of fun and did a lot of "firsts" I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise one day :)

    1. It's def. something you should see! It's beautiful :) Even when the weather is cruddy it's so nice!

  5. So glad you had fun - it looks like it was an amazing trip!!


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