Monday, January 14, 2013

Current Craves | Skincare & Haircare

Current Craves | Skincare & Haircare
I'm not exactly on a "spending ban", more so I'm teaching myself the value of a dollar and what is worth it and not. I know a lot of us beauty girls like to say we've got shopping problems but I honestly do. It was something I did when I was happy because I needed a reward and when I was sad because I thought I needed a pick me up. The reason I bring this up is because when I went to the city to get my stitches out, I got there early and lo' and behold there was a Sephora I could spend time in. I browsed the Clinque and Caudalie sections because my skin care items are running out (all at the same time! I don't have enough pennies to replace them all!) I then got to the Bumble and Bumble section. Always such a lovely section to browse around as their packaging is fun, but sheesh the prices! I honestly don't understand why Bumble and Bumble price their items so high. Even the little mini versions are outrageously priced! I know some people take the plunge and LOVE it, but that's just it, what if I LOVE it and then can't justify rebuying?! So it's basically been a lusting after skincare and haircare sort of week and I've managed to stay good and not jump the gun and buy all willy!
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir | I did a review on this back in early September (you can find it here) and I finished by saying I would buy it again. Well, I haven't since then but now I find myself missing its peppermint-y smell and refreshing mist every morning. The price tag still haunts me, but I think I will take the plunge when my current toner runs out.
  • Boscia Luminizing Black Mask | I've had a lot of black heads on my face pop up recently and I want them gone! I've tried loads of black head/pore minimizing products but nothing ever works. The reviews on this are amazing, but again, that silly price tag is keeping me from buying it!
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hyrdarator | What a fancy name! Was it too simple to just say 'moisutrizer'? Haha. I'm running out of my current LUSH moisturizer and whilst I love it I want to try something new and a bit more moisturizing. The winter months leave my skin so dry and thirsty! A friend of mine has this and I used it and I really loved it so this I know I will be buying soon!
  • Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme & Surf Spray | There was a display in Sephora that said the combination of these two products would leave you with perfect beachy waves. That is my ideal hairstyle and so of course I was like "MUST HAVE" but then I saw the price tag! C'mon Bumble & Bumble! Maybe one day I will buy these products, so if/when I do I really hope they live up to their claims. If not, I'd end up being one unhappy customer!
If any of you have used Bumble & Bumble products, what did you think? It doesn't matter which cause I feel like they are all too expensive for what they are. I could just be talking out of my butt, what do you all think!?


  1. I love the Bb surf spray! I tried it at sephora and it made my stick straight hair wavy (an amazing feat for a hair product). It smells good too but I'm with you it's way too expensive to buy.

    1. Maybe before I go out every day I'll not do my hair and then just run to the nearest Sephora, use the products, and then bam! All their lovely goodness without the hefty cost ;)

    2. Lol if I had a Sephora closer to me I would!

  2. I haven't tried the bb surf spray but I have the not your mother's sea salt spray, which works REALLY well. I'm curious as to how it compares with b&b.


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