Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm not good with the sappy but I really do hope 2013 brings something new and exciting into your lives! New Years is the holiday of all holidays for my family and I! We broke out bottles upon bottles of champagne which was awesome because I prefer that over wine! We were in good company and it was just a fantastic night :) I love New Years Eve because I get to dress up even if I'm just spending it with the family! 
This year I sort of forgot to make any resolutions but I've come up with three that are vaguely doable! None of this non sense with losing weight and eating healthy because I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment! I love me some Willy Wonka candies! 

Resolution No. 1 : Forget the count
2012 brought to me the idea and wonderfulness that is my blog and then towards the end a budding YouTube channel. For the first two months of blogging I had 0 followers and kept on writing. Then slowly the count began going up, as well as my page views. I started to forget to write for myself and how/when I wanted to. So no more obsessing over the numbers! I'm going to concentrate on writing because I want to share something, not for the potential page view!

Resolution No. 2 : Treat yo' self
Another vague resolution. I spent a lot, and I mean A LOT on make up in 2012. I would see something and go "oh yeah, I like that" and then buy it. I now realize that a treat should be ... well, a treat! And if I keep buying beauty products all willy nilly it stops feeling special! So ... a resolution that might be just as bad as losing weight. Haha, I need to save some pretty pennies! 

Resolution No. 3 : Wear more glitter
This is just a resolution to remind myself to have more fun. To take more opportunities that allow me to shine and have more adventures! 
And to end this post I thought I'd share what I got for the new year! A lot of you have Christmas where you exchange gifts but we exchange gifts to celebrate the New Year and I was completely ecstatic with the wee things that I got! They are things that sort of sum up who I am now that I'm looking at them! A LUSH Cosmetics All I Want For Christmas gift box (love all ze things that are LUSH), a bejeweled mermaid phone case (MERMAIDS!), and the Naked 2 Palette (!!insert expletives here!!)! I'm very thankful for what I got and that my mom and sister were so thoughtful in choosing their gifts, they are absolutely perfect :D I can't wait to play with it all! 

So I hope you all go into the new year with your heads up high and optimistic! Sure unfortunate things are bound to happen (they happen every year!) just make sure to count the positive things in your life that are yet to happen! They count way more! So much for not being sappy, haha ;)


  1. You look so pretty with red lips! I hope you accomplish great things in 2013! xx

  2. Glad I came across this blog, it's so cute!

    Love the fact that you're not going down the typical route of losing weight etc - you don't need to anyway!

    Happy new year.



    1. Awh, glad you like it! & thanks, I wouldn't be able to even if I tried :)

  3. Haha, Wonka candy is so awesome, and so is chocolate... I bought so much in work earlier. You don't even get half the nice chocolate we do! I always bring my own when I'm away for back up. I think it's so hard not to obsess over numbers. I was so stupid when I first made my blog and didn't put a follow button and ended up having only 3 followers for months and I was so confused why until a follower told me! You really do suit red lipstick so much and your dress is really pretty! :) Happy New Year again!x


    1. Haha, I;d love to try some of this chocolate if ours is half as nice! We have Lindt, does that count?! Those are good! I did the EXACT same thing! I had no idea I needed a GFC thing! & thank you very much! xx

    2. Lindt is amazing, it definitely counts. I got a box of assorted Lindt Lindor chocolates today for £1.25 in work ($2) so I was very pleased with myself! You have Dove which is similar to our Galaxy but I personally think ours is nicer haha. Then we have Dairy Milk which I've saw a few times when I'm away but it tastes differentl. Your Kit Kats are different too! And you don't have half the amount of crisps flavours we do lol. Sorry.... bit of waffling here about food! (mmm waffles) x

    3. Ooooh, better than what I know to be fantastic? I'm booking a trip there now! I wonder why they taste different, I'd think they'd use the same recipes! Hahaha, waffling ... waffles ... pancakes ... french toast ... mmmmmm!


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