Monday, December 2, 2013

Blogmas Day 02 ❄ All Wrapped Up

Blogmas Day 02! Today's post is going to be dedicated to a holiday tradition my sister and I fight over every single year, without fail- the wrapping of the gifts. There's something about wrapping things up and sealing them with a bow that brings out our competitive edge. We call dibs on wrapping certain gifts like normal people call shot gun. Although, granted, she is a lot better at wrapping then I am, it's still loads of fun to do and it's almost therapeutic deciding which gift gets what shiny and fun wrapping and which colored bow goes on top. It really puts me in that holly jolly mood. My family used to never be big on buying tons of different patterns of wrapping besides the standard 'Hanukkah' and 'Happy Holiday' wrapping, but this year was different - we finally ran out of all the blasted paper which meant I had to run to Target and pick up some new ones. Sure, I was only supposed to pick up some Hanukkah wrapping paper (which by the way, they seriously need to increase their selection of) but as soon as I stumbled over to the shiny and glitteryness that was the holiday gift wrap I couldn't resist ooh-ing and ahh-ing at it all. I also couldn't resist these festive Mickey wrapping papers, one of which you'll see a lot of during Blogmas as it makes for a great background, haha! I didn't think there could be anything more fun than gift wrapping during the holidays, but I was wrong! I think next year I'll leave the proper gift wrapping to my sister if I can be the one to go out and buy the supplies every year. My sister has already called dibs on wrapping up the last of our gifts, so I'll just anticipate the opening of said gifts, haha! Also, as a note to myself for next year: more glitter and metallics for sure! Oh, and much bigger bows! 
Do you enjoy all that is gift wrapping as much as I do? Where are you favorite places to buy gift wrap supplies?


  1. I love wrapping presents and making them look pretty and presentable. It's one of my favourite parts about buying presents for others! I love pretty wrapping paper, bows, gift tags, ribbon etc.

  2. I would love wrapping if I were any good at it - I'm the worlds worst wrapper!

    Jennie xo |

  3. You're super early with wrapping gifts! I haven't even bought them, haha. XD Oh, and by the way, I'm THE WORST wrapper. I cannot do it to save my life, so I started buying cute gift bags instead, haha.

  4. I was so disappointed with Target this year, mine had exactly zero Hanukkah wrapping paper, and all of the bags had a Christmas theme. So frustrating!


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