Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ramblings of a Shopaholic

I have this nasty habit (okay, it's not nasty) of writing many posts for this blog at once and instead of spacing them out throughout the week I end up posting them all up at once. Which is great! For that one day that I'm posting but then I use up all the ideas in my inspiration tank which leaves me completely tapped dry for the rest of the week. So I decided to post this rambling of what went on in my mind today.

Shopping. What else do I ever think about? I'm not just saying this because it's a beauty blog; I'm saying this because half the time this is what's on my mind. What can I buy next? If I get off at this stop on the train I can walk here, buy this and then transfer here and on and on and on ... I'm going to Boston in 22 days (!!!) to visit my B.I.F. (Best Internet Friend) Julia and I'm trying so hard, SO VERY HARD to save up money for the trip for two reasons:

  1. There are all these cute shops or what not in a town that I know I'll just be like OOOOOOH GIMME. I really want to have money for that so I can buy things I can't find anywhere else. Julia told me there's nothing really "chain" there (like chain restaurants, or shops). That just gets me all kinds of excited.
  2. THERE'S AN ULTA BY HER HOUSE. AN ULTA. A U, L, T, A, ULTA. I'm sorry, but I've just never been in one and it is like beauty heaven. To quote my dear friend Hannah Montana (LOL) it's like you "Get the best of both worlds!" High end and drugstore combined in a singular building to make my life easier. I plan to perform many shopping sins there. Except stealing ... cause that would be bad. It would also make me a thief, and not a shopaholic, sooo yeah! /rambling over
I was in the city today with my boyfriend, Mihai (he thinks it's weird that I say 'boyfriend' IDK). And I knew I had to return my M.A.C. Lipglass in Pink Lemonade. I was going to take him to the train and then return it (it's not so much that I'm being a kind girlfriend, more so that I'm trying to get rid of him so I can browse and possibly purchase things in peace). ANYWAY, I didn't take him to the train but begged him to come in with me while I returned. My boyfriend, woops, I meant Mihai, has this knack of just killing my shopping mood. So he came inside with me to the Macy's, I returned it, got $15 (that I will without a doubt spend at ULTA) and left without anything else. Boyfriends. So useful sometimes, huh?

I really have no idea what I just said in the last few paragraphs. I didn't know what I wanted to start with, but I knew what I wanted to end with. I just needed a push to get to this point. It's sort of like writing papers for college. I know what I want to see and I know point ... I just don't know how to get there. (I think I've completely gone off point now)

FINAL POINT: I am now making mental shopping lists in my head for ULTA and LUSH. I intend to spend no more than $100 in total (LOL, who gives themselves this much to spend?!) If you'd like I'll gladly share those lists here with you guys when they're completed! :)

ALSO, I'd love to know if you guys have any suggestions for posts or even videos you'd like to see? I've written up a list and plan to get a lot done this Friday. Let me know in the comments, please! :)

And with that, goodnight all! 


  1. ha ha u had me laughing ur a doll :) i think you could do one on all the things you bought at ulta? im so jelous im in australia and ulta doesnt exist here :-/ and MAC lip glass is like $30...crazy. i subbed!

    1. Ah! I don't why it makes me so happy to have made you laugh :) I'll definitely be doing an Ulta haul video! WHAT :O That is just insane!! I seriously don't understand how companies decide on conversion rates, that's a LOT for a lipgloss :/

      thanks so much for following :D <3


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