Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award!


Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog

I would love to give Laura from Laura's All Made Up Beauty Blog a big squishy hug for nominating me for this! It really means a lot to me that she did and you all really should go check out her blog because it's amazing and I'm mad that I can't renominate her!

Tell us how the idea of  making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?

This is going to be a long story. So I watch A LOT of beauty videos on YouTube and originally I had planned on starting a YouTube channel with my friend Julia. We were going to be "Faux Gurus" as was the old name of this blog. Julia had too much on her plate with work and school so she told me that I could take the name and start myself. As bubbly as I am in person it doesn't translate well when I have to talk in front of a camera. It makes me uncomfortable. I have a bigger passion for photography and writing than speaking so I decided that I would create a blog. I started this blog in April after my first IMATS trip and have been ever since. Beauty and fashion is something that I love to talk about and write about so until that passion goes away, I'll continue blogging to the fullest!

Describe a usual day in you life

A usual day in my life? Hmm, well Monday - Thursday I work at my school's Campus Operations office filing, creating purchase orders, watching TV and eating. I used to have dance class but that has ended for the year. When I get home I usually change into my PJs and then watch YouTube videos, read blogs, look for new blogs to follow, or write up my own posts. On the weekends I usually spend a lot of time with my boyfriend. We don't do much, haha. Just hang out in the city while he drags me away from every Sephora & M.A.C. store. Sundays (any Sunday in the year) are spent at my dad's house with my sister watching a movie and going out to eat. That's pretty much it. Which is sad. Eat, Sleep, and Work. Wow, that sounds very boring! :D

The best collaboration with a blogger

I haven't done one yet, but I'd absolutely LOVE to do one!

The worst collaboration with a blogger

I haven't done one, but how rude would it be to single out one blogger?!

Describe what having a blog means to you

My blog is the place where I can talk about the things that I love with people who love it too! I never thought I would love and enjoy blogging this much. To be able to read what others have to say about beauty and fashion and to even have people read what I have to say is just so thrilling and exciting! I put a lot into my blog and when it gets noticed it makes my heart smile like a big dope. My blog means that I am able to connect with others and learn/discover new things that I otherwise wouldn't have. It means a great deal to me :)

Nominate other bloggers

Amber at BeautyGuide101
Nicola at The Lunar Lights
Becky at Rose Petals

Make sure to check out these blogs because I absolutely love them and read them on a daily basis! They have brilliant posts and are just lovely gals to talk to! :)


  1. Thank you Jessica! <3 I absolutely love blogging too!
    And my sundays are kind of like yours, staying home watching movies, going grocery shopping or going out to lunch/dinner with my family.



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  2. Awe thank you lovely, I lived reading this post :) xxx

  3. You are such a sweet person. Thanks for nominating me! :) You have a great blog as well. I'm always catching up on the latest things you've posted on your blog.


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