Friday, July 6, 2012

Random Ramblings: I'm off to Boston!

I'm so excited, I can just pee my pants! Well no, I can't because I honestly don't know where the bathroom on this train is! Yes, I'm already boarded, seated, and on my way to Boston! I've had quite a morning let me tell you. But first (because I know my story will be long) I have put up a poll on the right hand corner to let you guys and gals vote on what you'd like the prize of my giveaway to be! You can vote for whichever ones you like! I shall be gone until Monday but in the mean time I do have a special series of posts lined up from today until Monday. I hope you guys enjoy those! If you want you can follow me on twitter: @jkruuu or instagram: jkruuu to keep up with strange goings on that happen around me! I'll still be able to reply to your comments and talk to you guys! :) So without further ado, if you'd like to hear the story of my morning read on...

Story Time
First off, express buses to Manhattan were not meant to carry my fat and stout luggage and no one seemed to want to help a poor, innocent girl with her very heavy bags. No matter, I situated on the bus and listened to "adventure" music. Then came the daunting task of getting off the bus with this stupid fat man (That's what I've dubbed my luggage). I take about 5 minutes to get off the bus because the doors are so narrow and my shorts are riding up in all the wrong places!!! I finally get off the bus and now have to walk a few blocks to the train station. 

My train was scheduled to leave at 8:30 am and I got there at 8, printed my tickets (they look so cool!) and freaked out. I couldn't read the stupid thing! What train cart am I in? Which seat is mine? How will I know what gate to board on?! It didn't say anything at all! And now I'm really craving coffee at this point! So I walk up to Dunkin' Donuts and as soon as I get my coffee my track number is listed on the board and I'm off with my fat man, laptop, and purse. 

Then, lo and behold, as soon as I get everything situated to fit nicely and not feel so heavy I get asked to step off the line and am told that "you were selected for random screening." Are you joking?! I am carrying way to many things and this stinkin' coffee is leaking out of it's cup and you want me to put all of it on this tray so you can scan it and then tell me what I already know which is that there is nothing lethal in my bag! If that wasn't bad enough, the officers wouldn't even help me lift the fat man onto the table or take it down for that matter! So now I'm on the escalator, FINALLY about to board and my laptop crashes to the ground. My throat is hoarse and I'm apologizing left and right for I don't even understand what. I still had no idea which train car I was to board or even where my seat would be. I asked a nice man (who was no doubt frightened when I approached him) and he politely told me that I just get into any train car and take a seat. So I did this and in 20 seconds managed to spill my coffee, hit an old lady, and bump my head. 

Thankfully everything is going well now. I'm just sitting in my comfy seat with no one sitting next to me which is absolutely lovely. I can't wait to see Julia in about 4 hours! I'm so excited that I wish I were already there! This train really is comfortable although looking around I still have no clue where the bathroom is...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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