Friday, July 6, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures Haul & Swatches

M.A.C.'s Heavenly Creatures collection came out in stores yesterday, July 5th, and it is such a gorgeous looking collection! I know M.A.C. fans aren't always too thrilled with the pigmentation and application of their mineralized products but I really think these take the cake! I was playing around with all the eyeshadows and was so tempted to pick one up because the color swirls in the pan are beautiful but then swatched they are too die for and SO pigmented. Water was the shadow that I was so close to purchasing but decided against it. What I did end up hauling was the Supernova Mineralized Blush (planned) and the Venus Lipstick (unplanned).

Supernova Blush Left Swatched Right Blended
Supernova is just the most amazing thing I've ever seen in the pan and swatched. In the pan you've got swirling in your face magenta and shimmering orange-y gold. Swirled together onto a swatch you get a bright fuchsia color that is easily buildable and blendable to get your desired opacity. It's also got little reflects of the gold shimmer which, my being a glitter gal, I absolutely adore! I'd say you'd have to be pretty bold to pull off a blush color like this (I bought it and am still slightly afraid to wear it!). It seems like a color that will translate well across the skin color chart which is always a big, big bonus!

Venus Lipstick
Venus is one of 5 lipsticks that came out with this collection and it's not very, how do I pout this nicely, a color worth coveting? It gets lost in the crowd of the coral and pinky-red colors. But I am completely smitten with this lipstick! I don't have many lipsticks that are considered 'everyday' and when I saw this its simplicity was what caught my eye. When I saw it and swatched it I thought of a strawberry, for some reason. It's the only way I can think to describe it. The finish is Lustre which many aren't keen on but is actually my favorite! It gives a nice pink tinge to the lips and I love it so much that it's already coming along on my holiday with me! If you're in search of a great everyday pink color, def. check this one out!

This is a great collection and I love the other worldly look of all the products. The MSFs are beautiful, but I love my Soft & Gentle too much to justify another one! 

Did you any of you pick up something from the M.A.C. Heavenly Creatures collection? I'd love to know! Share your links if you've posted a haul on this collection! 


  1. Thanks for this Jessica!
    That blush looks amazing! But I already own around 10 blushes so I really couldn't justify buying another one lol


    1. I know. I'm hitting the blush craze and I don't know how I'm going to stop! Good on you for having the will power, though! I am very jealous :)

  2. I'd love to buy this blush Supernova.


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