Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Wishlist #01

I've been in the city twice this week. Once, because I thought I was going over to Mihai's house and the second because of a dentist appointment. I was around M.A.C. and Sephora and I didn't buy anything *gasp My little sickness has put me in quite a level headed move, meaning I wanted it all but knew I didn't need it. So I decided I'd share with you what I had my eyes on!

1. NARS Smudgeproof Shadow Base
Urban Decay Primer Potion just isn't cutting it anymore!

2. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
I NEED THIS. The colors are so ... agh. I feel like I'd wear this more in the winter time so I figured I'd wait until then to get it (hopefully a Sephora coupon will come my way!)

3. Butter London Toff
Such a pretty purple color! At Ricky's NYC it was $15 and I thought that was just ridiculous when it's only $14. I know, I know it's only a $1 but every dollar counts!

4. Sephora & Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Palette
I adore the colors in this palette! All the shadows are gorgeous and silky smooth to the touch. The price is steep and it doesn't have the greatest application for that amount. I'm gonna wait for Sephora to knock the price down of it and then it's all mine!

5. Cover Girl 24HR. LashBlast
Oup, I lied. I did end up buying this! I needed a really good waterproof mascara :)

6. M.A.C. Blushes
I went in to get Fleur Power, couldn't find it. Found three amazing blushes that I am now dying to have and then found Fleur Power. I might be go next week to get a Blush Palette along with the giveaway winner's prize!

I know. I'm cuckoo bananas. It's just ever so tempting with all these awesome products out. I'm quite impatient and think if I can't buy it all now I'll wait till I can. Especially since next week is the release of  LUSH's Emotional Brilliance line (EEEEEEEK!). I know I'll just be snatching up pretty much everything.

What are on your wishlists? If you haven't enetered my giveaway yet, make sure to do so here!


  1. I wanted the Naked 2 palette too! I'm definitely going to get it the next time the place I shop has a sale on as they usually knock 10% off it :)
    I also really want OPI's Malaga Wine but I'm going to have to order that online because we can't get that here :( Then I would like Snob from MAC's lipstick collection :) x

    1. Oh man, 10% is awesome! I can't wait for Sephora to have a sale on it! I just googled that OPI color, how pretty! xx :D

  2. AHH! It kinda looks like my wishlist! I ordered the Naked Pallette last tuesday! I couldn't help myself! haha, also i got a Mac blush on wednesday *splurging* I love it! It's the Posey Cremeblend blush. Highly recommend it!
    I'm not so sure if the Sephora +Pantone pallete is worth so much! I've seen reviews on youtube and some colours just don't have enough pigmentation.


    1. I think I'm gonna check it out next weekend! It's def. not worth so much esp. since I heard not all the colors share the same pigmentation and quality. If it gets knocked down to $25 I may get it then! x

  3. I want the Naked 2 palette as well! How you get Sephora coupons? lol

    Just wanted to let you know, that since changing my blog URL, my new posts aren't showing up in anyone's Followers or Subscription Dashboards!
    If you would like to continue to see my posts please unfollow and then re-follow. Sorry for the trouble and thank you so much!

    Andrea @ Andrea and the Beauty Blog

    1. Sometimes they send a 10% or 15% off voucher or just if they have some sort of sale!

      Oh no, that happened when I switched my name as well, such a pain! I'll refollow, for sure! :) Hope it all gets sorted xx

  4. I have a Naked 2 Palette, it is perfect.


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