Monday, July 23, 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance | My Experience + Bubbly Review

As many of your already know LUSH Cosmetics globally launched a brand new make up line called Emotional Brilliance this past Saturday. Like many kooky Lushies I ran to my local store's launch party! There are four LUSH stores in NYC but I went to the one in Union Square out of favoritism and convenience (I was meeting friend's later!) I walked towards the shop and saw the awesome sign that you can see in the left picture above. It only made me that more excited to walk in! There was a decent amount of people in the shop already browsing, playing with the line, and getting a reading. You had to  put your name on a list and wait for a color reading which wasn't all too bad. I had a really lovely chat with one of the sales asscoiates there who helped me pick out bath products for an awesome two part series I have coming up (!!!)

The time flew by and I was finally able to sit down at the infamous color wheel! It was so COOL and not to mention colorful! The girl doing my reading was super funny and made it very entertaining. She told me to clear my mind and forget everything as she spun the wheel and created crazy dry ice fog over the wheel! (That was probably my favorite part) The three colors you chose all signified something and the order you chose them was important as well. Here were mine!
  • 1st Color | Strength/Weakness : Calm
  • 2nd Color | What Your Soul is Craving : Bubbly (haha, we interpreted this as my soul needed a drink ;) )
  • 3rd Color | What You Aspire To Have : Ambition
I thought all those were pretty spot on! Although I could have just applied any part of my life to any of the 27 or 30 colors! It was a really fun experience and I'm a fan of what some might call "gimmicky color read" If I'm honest, that's what truly drew me to the line in the first place! I was walked over to the Emotional Brilliance wall and was shown all my colors and told I could play with all of them if I truly wished. I ended up only getting Bubbly as it was my absolute favorite out of the bunch (and I was short on funds :( )

Bubbly. Perhaps the most fitting color I could have chosen! Bubbly is a lip color (but can be used as a cheek tint or anywhere you desire!) It was $22.95 for this wittle bottle which made me cringe but I knew I couldn't leave without getting something! I love the packaging of it. I think the little glass vile is a cute and creative idea! I also like the small tag that proudly displays the color!
The applicator is a very short doe foot applicator. I don't think it gets all the way down to the bottom which is a shame because there will be a portion of the products you won't be able to reach. I have to dip the wand down and out about two times before much product comes out onto the wand. More seems to get on the back of the applicator than the slant of it. 
I added two swatches above as they were in two different lightings and that ultimately dictates how the color shows up. It's a lovely bubbly pink color with really subtle gold shimmers. It has a sort of frost finish to it. The color lasts a long while. I'd say maybe 3 hours? It takes a few sweeps back and forth to get a nice color cover on the lips.

So what's my verdict? If I have to be 100% honest I'm not really itching to grab any more from the rest of the line. I am very happy with the one thing I did get but it's pretty pricey for just a so-so product. I'm not completely smitten with it. The color does look super lovely but I think I could have found the same color from a different brand with a better application and pigmentation. Not hating it on but I'm just a tad underwhelmed!

Did you guys go to your store's launch party? What are your opinions on the new line? 


  1. I like the bottle, it is very cute:)


  2. I'm gutted I missed these events they look like a good night. The colours are gorgeous, and your pictures are great :D


    1. You can still go into your local store and do the color readings! The only difference will be that there shan't be no snacks! haha Thank you! :) xo

  3. Must try this collection! I love LUSH and I love makeup, so this is a must :)

  4. We both picked the same colour first! :) I like the one you bought, and I quite like Ambition as well, I might end up buying that the next time I'm there, or one of the other red ones.

    1. Awesome! :) I liked Ambition too but have so many reds and oranges that I couldn't justify the silly price tag! Let me know what you end up getting! :) xo


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