Monday, July 9, 2012

Boston, well actually ... P-Town Haul! (Lush + more!)

Bonsoir everyone! I am back from my trip to Boston/Provincetown, Massachusetts. I've actually been back since yesterday evening. My trip had to get cut short because of personal reasons. I felt really bad having to leave Julia early and that I wouldn't get to see much of Boston. My early departure also meant, NO ULTA. Hopefully I'll be able to visit again soon! And hopefully I'll be able to find an ULTA a lot closer to where I live! I spent most of my trip in Provincetown (P-Town!) and it was absolutely beautiful! It was more of a small town where you saw more people on the streets than cars. All the shops were owned by locals and nothing was a chain! It made window shopping a lot of fun! Even though my trip was cut short I still had so much fun shopping at the little shops! And here's what I got!

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses ($119) 
Wayfarer styled sunglasses are the only ones that ever seem to look really good on my face. I used to buy non-brand name, cheap plastic ones at St. Marks for $7 - $10 depending on how the man running the stand was feeling. Now you're probably thinking well then why did you sell a finger for Ray-Ban brand? Well because they're really nice quality and they actually protect my eyes from the sun which the other ones did not. I also got a nice discount on these cause Julia lived in the town. I absolutely love these and would rather buy $119 for amazing quality than $10, 10x a year for cheap quality. /rantover haha

2. Emporium Body Butter Italian Blood Orange ($26)
There was a small shop in Provincetown called 'Good Scents' that has bath & body products, as well as candles. It was like a small town LUSH! Julia and I came here on my first day there and knew we had to come back when we smelled a certain candle, but more on that in a bit. What really caught my attention, completely last second, was this body butter. Italian Blood Orange. I love blood oranges! When I took a whiff of this I knew I had to have it. The body butter itself felt so good! I have a review coming up on it soon. Just know that it's fantastic! I've never heard of this brand before and wasn't sure where you could get it. Luckily, you can get this online by clicking here. It's also a $1 cheaper, how odd!

3. Voluspa Candle Santiago Huckleberry ($10)
This candle. This candle. Smells divine. I feel very bad that I cannot describe the scent of it. It smells fruity but also sweet. Not sweet like a candy, more like a sweet vanilla. Ugh! I'm burning it as we speak and it's just wafting around my room. This candle was the reason Julia and I rushed back to the store. She got the bigger candle, though and I am slightly jealous I didn't as well! The candle casing itself is just so pretty as well! Not to knock on Slatkin & Co. candle holders because they make for great holders, but my gosh! You can't buy these online but there is a nifty store locator that you can use to find a distributor near where you live. I found out I have one wicked (JULIA!!!!) close to me! 

4. OCC Pigment Glisten + OCC Lip Tar Ophealia ($12 + $14)
There was a little make up boutique called 'Kiss & Make Up' (how cute?) that Julia and I of course had to go into because ... well, make up, hahah! We saw Stila and theBalm and then I almsot gave everyone working there a heart attack when I squealed. All the way in the little corner was an OCC set up. So I jumped on it! Ophealia is a lip tar I have been fighting in my head about just sucking up and ordering online, but I never wanted to pay for shipping! Now I didn't have to and I LOVE this color. In my head it's the perfect pale Barbie pink. Glisten was a color that I never saw it but it looked similar to a color I had seen from Urban Decay, and figured why not? It was a lot cheaper, too!

5. Mario Badescu Drying Cream Sample (Free)
I'm not gonna get too much into this one now. It was given to me as a sample to try out and I'm waiting a good two weeks before I say anything about it!

6. Bracelet 
Stacking is all the rage right now and especially these bubble bead looking ones. Julia gifted this to me on the ferry ride over to P-Town! I saw it on her wrist and was like 'I love your bracelet' and then she magically pulled another one out from her bag, haha! Thank you so much, Julia! I haven't taken it off! :)

I promise this next part will be shortly worded! The time I did get to spend in Boston I went to LUSH. I've been lack luster-ly into LUSH these days but hopefully that'll all change as newer products come out and I go through my old ones. I'm also especially excited for the Emotional Brilliance make up to come out! Okay, okay onto the haul!

1. Rose Jam Bubbleroon ($5.95)
Julia was spraying herself with Rose Jam Perfume all weekend! I had to have a bubbly bath in that floraly sweet smell!

2. Ocean Salt ($34.95)
My face dearly missed this scrubby cleanser. If all works out like I want it to you'll see this guy make an appearance in my Skincare post!

3. 25:43 Perfume ($14.95)
This one was a complete impulse buy! As we were waiting to pay for the stuff I noticed it, took one whiff, and grabbed it off the stand. It was the limited edition perfume from Valentine's Day which I hope is not true because I love it!

4. Big Shampoo ($24.95)
Now that my hair is shorter and I'm not too concerned with my hair staying ginger I can finally use this shampoo again! It's like Ocean Salt for my hair and it dearly missed it!

5. Sunnyside Bubble Bar ($6.95)
My favorite glittery bubble bar! I haven't had this since last summer! It was time to reunite!

6. It's Raining Men Shower Gel ($17.95)
I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS SCENT. Caps were completely necessary! I had forgotten how much I loved LUSH's shower gels and especially this scent! I couldn't walk out of the store without it!

So those are all my purchases from my short weekend away. I didn't realize how much it was until after I spent an hour and a half writing up this post. If you've gotten through it, I commend you and thank you for taking the time to read it. I'm looking at a lot of these products as a chance to review some awesome things for you guys! I hope you had an awesome weekend and are having a Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE LUSH! i haven't tried sunny side it hard to clean up the glitter afterwards? i bet it smells amazing!

    1. Try it! It's a great summer bath bubble bar! It's not hard at all, it just goes down the drain! Now glitter that never makes it into your tub is quite a clean up haha!

  2. The bracelet is so pretty! xx

  3. i wish they sold lush in Puerto Rico :'(


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