Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: LUSH Ice Blue Soap

LUSH soaps hold a really special place in my heart. I don't particularly enjoy solid bars of soap because I do feel like they sometimes leave my skin feeling dry. Not just LUSH soaps, most in general. But I just love how exciting it is to hold a specially cut chunk of soap. And I can either splurge (like I did on this one) or get a smaller more humble chunk. Yes, I just referred to soap as humble.
Today's LUSH soap is Ice Blue. A frosty blue soap that smells like peppermint and spearmint and just plain delicious mint! It's great for clearing up the senses, haha! This was one of the first soaps I ever bought from LUSH and I was so excited because I got to take it on vacation with me. After spending hours laying on the beach and playing in the sand this soap just refreshes you and makes you feel squeaky clean! I'm going to take a decent size of this to Alaska to keep even cooler than I will probably be! It does leave a somewhat dragging feeling after I use it which is not desired. I do know that LUSH has this same scent in a shower gel form called Freeze. If I wasn't on a no spending challenge I would probably be ordering it right now!

Do you lovelies prefer bar of soap or shower gel? I think it's interesting to see what people prefer better! What was your first LUSH soap or which would you love to try?


  1. I love Lush soap so much. I really do prefer shower gel because it's much easier and faster to use, but I love my lush soaps so much I'd choose them first. I don't think we have this one in our shops though? You's have a lot more to choose from on your online store soap wise than we do, not fair :( x

    1. Oh gosh. I forgot that this one was actually discontinued overseas. I remember that's why I freaked out in January and bought this massive chunk! Which are your favorites? :) I love seeing all my little chunks of soap together more than all my little bottles of shower gel haha


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